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january 2016

Outcome of the year 2015

2015  proved to be a remarkably fruitful year for us. Intensive search for alternative in components led to price reduction of our end products and shorter delivery times. Our compressor units and chillers are produced based on mostly  COOLTECH components (manufactured at our production facilities: all vessel equipment, filters, part of valves, oil discharge, return and draining units, etc.)
Among our achievements in 2015 I would like to especially mention the growth of our export of oil separators.  We believe that oil separator is the most important element of the compressor unit and that work of the whole refrigeration system fully depends on its proper calculation and design.
In summer 2015 after long negotiations COOLTECH was granted the status of the Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) by American compressor manufacturer VILTER. For already a long time COOLTECH is authorized by HOWDEN and AERZEN  to produce compressor units based on those compressors. 
Last year COOLTECH has launched sales of heat pumps  Sabroe HeatPAC based on reciprocating compressors and extended its line of the controllers for industrial refrigeration compressor units, chillers, and heat pumps. Moreover, in 2015 COOLTECH has developed the Program of gas compression units and started tests of shut-off valves of our own production. 
In 2016  we will continue to expand our production of components for compressor units and chillers. 

Production of industrial gas compressor units, compressor units, chillers, pump circulating stations, air purgers, refrigeration and freezing systems of any complexity.

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+358(0) 535-77-100