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Termowave was established in 1992 as an independent enterprise of «Guntner» group in the area of heat exchange equipment.

Plate heat exchangers of Termowave production have following advantages:
  • Small area size and small weight. Due to compact design and low materials consumption plate heat exchangers occupy an area by 80 percent less and they are 3-7 times lighter than shell-and-tube exchanger with the same parameters.
  • High thermo technical characteristics. Corrugated plates of a heat exchanger forms thin channels where turbulization of the liquid occurs that results in less intensive heat exchange process in the main body.
  • Minute quantity of refrigerant. Due to small distance between panels heat exchangers size is smaller and this is particularly significant when using ammonia.
  • High corrosion stability. Material for plates and sealing is being chosen considering operational temperature, corrosion behavior of the parts taking part in heat exchange process.
  • Unit construction. Apparatus consists of standardized separate parts and has different construction. Due to this structual flexibility is achieved that allows modification of the apparatus by changing number and tye of plates. 
  • Simple maintenance. It is enough to loosen the screw to be able to check the plate heat exchanger’s exchange surface. Each plate can be cleaned mechanically from both sides as well as external surface of welded modules. If necessary separate plates can be changed.

Plate heat exchanger application fields:

  • Refrigerating industry, conditioning and ventilating
  • Heating
  • Chemical industry
  • Food production
  • Metallurgy industry
  • Oil production and processing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Ship construction
  • Pulp and paper industry





Quality and reliability of Thermowave heat exchanger are evidenced by certification up to standards EN ISO 9001:2000, PED 97/23 EC, and ASME. 

Thermowave produces demountable and semi-welded plate heat exchangers. Their thermodynamic and hydraulic parameters can be optimized by combining plates with different profiles.

Welded modules of Thermowave plate heat exchangers  are made as 2 heat exchange plates welded into one pack. Upon that hermetic channel is formed with aggressive medium flowing inside of it. Only 2 ring gaskets have contact with aggressive medium. Sealing of the second non-aggressive medium’s channels different elastomers are used. They are chosen for each specific application individually. 

Welded modules of Thermowave heat exchangers consist of profile welded modules located between lower and upper guides and tied up into a pack between one rigidly fixed frame plate and moving plate by tie rod. Flow in the heat exchanger can be performed in case of both parallel flow and counter flow. Welded module forms hermetic channel for motion.  Passing from one module to another is provided by O-ring sealings made of special materials.

Welded modules of Thermowave plate heat exchangers have such advantages as:

  • Easy and cheap installation
  • Minimal leakage risk
  • Good productivity for the low price

Thermowave plate heat exchangers with sealing consist of salient profiled plates that form 2 different systems of channels, that allows 2 mediums to flow from different parts of the plate without contact; then operating mediums pass out of the heat exchanger through the affixture on the pressure plate. Plates with different profiles are combined in such a way that heat-transfer process is the most effective under given parameters. Welded modules of Thermowave heat exchangers with sealing consist of profile welded modules located between lower and upper guides and tied up into a pack between one rigidly fixed frame plate and moving plate by tie rod. Flow in the heat exchanger can be performed in case of both parallel flow and counter flow. 

Using special distributing plates multipass scheme of medium motions can be created, that increases their running time during the process of heat exchange. This in return  increases the efficiency of Thermmowave heat exchanger without increasing the size of the main body, Channels for each circuit are separated by elastomers selected in the optimal way.The main criterion for used sealings is longtime resistance to operating motion influences in given temperature range. Important advantage of Thermowave plate heat exchangers with sealings is high construction flexibility. Due to this they can be deconstructed at any time, cleaned mechanically and adapted to modified operational conditions or operating mediums by using different plate or sealing material

Following advantages have to be mentioned:

  • Easy regulation of parameters and capacity of the heat exchanger by adjustment of number / type of plates.
  • Easy and cheap installation
  • Possibility of working with small temperature gradients.
  • Cooltech offers drop shoipments of Thermowave products worldwide.
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