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Howden  is a group of companies from Scotland specializing in producing compressor equipment for refrigerating, petroleum and chemical industries.

Cooltech supplies Howden equipmentm, provides technical service, repairing and also spare parts. 

COOLTECH offers the following line of screw compressors, directly from HOWDEN factory:

  • Howden WRV 163
  • Howden WRV 204
  • Howden WRV(i) 255
  • Howden WRV(i)T 255
  • Howden WRV(i)321 
  • Howden WRV(i)T 321
  • Howden WRVi365
  • Howden XRV 127-R1
  • Howden XRV 127 R3-5
  • Howden XRV 163
  • Howden XRV 204



Recommended Spares List for Howden Compressor:

  • Shaft Seal Kit
  • Inspection Kit
  • Thrust Kit
  • Journal Bearing Kit
  • Overhaul Kit
  • Linear Position Indicator (LPI) Sensor assembly universal 
  • Linear Position Indicator (LPI) Sensor assembly (Ex)
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+358(0) 535-77-100