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German company AWP was established in 1972. It produces utoshff and control valves for refrigerating industry

Its product range includes:

  • Stop valves
  • Inverted valves
  • Inverted stop valves
  • Regulating valves
  • Mud filters
  • Service valves
  • Safety valves
  • Three way valves
  • Overflow valves
  • Sight holes and more
AWP  valves are suitable for using with all types of Freon, ammonia, propane, butane, propylene, helium, carbonic acid, various brines and other refrigerants.
  • Max.operating pressure: 25 bar, 45 bar or 65 bar.
  • Standard operation temperature range : from -60°C up to +150°C.
  • Made of low temperature steel, carbon steel (DIN/ASMEМ) or stainless steel
  • Straight flow/ angle flow design possible, piston prolongation, with valve handle/ valve cap
  • Joint design: welding, flange coupling, threaded coupling, welded nipple + coupling nut.
  • All products have certificates of conformance to Pressure Equipment Directive EU 97/23/EG, ASME TUV, DNV, Bureau Veritas, Class NK, SAQ, RS, UDT, ABS, Russian GOSTs, permission of Russian Federation Oversight Committee for Mining and Industry

Cooltech cooperates with AWP for more than 7 years and has drop shipment from the plants that allows offering comfortable prices, competent technical assistance and support.

You can address your request to our specialists by phone in Hamina +358 (0) 535 77 100 or by email You can also contact our regional representatives.

Production of industrial gas compressor units, compressor units, chillers, pump circulating stations, air purgers, refrigeration and freezing systems of any complexity.


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