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Gas blowers

The COOLTECH company manufactures industrial plants based on rotary blowers to transfer largevolumesof various technical gases and vapors. Such installations serve to supply consumers with required amount of oil-free gas or vapor or to create vacuum.

Currently, the production line of COOLTECH industrial gas blowers includes a wide range of units with the following basic parameters:

  • Working medium: nitrogen, hydrogen, hydrocarbons (methane, propane, butane, etc.) and their vapors
  • Volume flow rate up to 63 300 m3/h
  • Maximum outlet / inlet pressure ratio up to 2: 1
  • Minimum suction pressure (vacuum) up to 540 mbar
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Gas bower application areas:

  • Mining industry;
  • Extraction and processing of oil and gas;
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry;
  • Energetic industry.

The COOLTECH industrial installations based on rotary gas blowers can be supplied:

  • In soundproof casing
  • In container or modular building
  • In explosion-proof design for operation in explosive environment

Due to the unique gas pulsation reduction system, provided in the design of rotary gas blowers, there is a significant reduction in discharge pressure pulsations, which allows:

  • To increase bearings service life by approximately 20% by reducing impact load transmitted through the rotors. At the same time, other installation components (coupling, drive belts, electric motor bearings) are also subject to lower loads.
  • To reduce energy consumption
  • To reduce the noise level by about 5 dBa
  • To reduce wear of pipeline fittings and sensitive instrumentationand control devices

Use of synchronizing gears in the gas blower design excludes direct contact of rotors, which allows to increase the rotors speed, significantly reduce the noise level and increase the installation reliability.

Possibility of using an external oil system with gear pump, oil cooler and filter, which allows to increase bearings service life by up to 50%, as well as to use the blower in the most extreme conditions.

Depending on type and application area the units are completed with:

  • Rotary gas blower
  • Direct or belt drive with electric motor
  • Support frame
  • Discharge damper-muffler
  • Suction filter / muffler
  • Check and safety valves
  • Pipe expansion joints
  • Manometers and other instrumentation and control devices, including control panel

Production of industrial gas compressor units, compressor units, chillers, pump circulating stations, air purgers, refrigeration and freezing systems of any complexity.


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