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august 2015

Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Seminar

On August 25, 2015 COOLTECH Company participated in the Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Seminar – Presentation in Lipetsk, which was organized by Rossoyuzholodprom and Lipetsk Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and approximately 40 companies from different branches, using refrigeration equipment at different stages of production cycles, were invited to take part in the seminar.
The main subjects of the seminar were: Energy Saving, Efficiency, Reduction of Refrigeration Unit Cost by Virtue of State-of-the-Art Technologies and Import Substitution.
A lot of seminar participants were interested in products, manufactured by COOLTECH Ltd. Rossoyuzholodprom and Lipetsk Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry assisted in organization of visits to companies and meetings with executives – specialists of companies, interested in our firm’s products. On behalf of COOLTECH Company A.V. Popov, Director of Moscow Representative Office, delivered a report on import substitution in manufacture of commercial compressor assemblies, chillers and vessel equipment. Alexey Vladimirovich pointed out that COOLTECH at its plant in Russia can manufacture over 70% of compressor assemblies, chillers and vessel equipment components, which could result in considerable reduction of delivery time and price. Products quality is continuously improving and can compete with foreign versions COOLTECH Ltd. expresses its gratitude to the seminar organizers and participants. We will be glad to cooperate with you.  

Production of industrial gas compressor units, compressor units, chillers, pump circulating stations, air purgers, refrigeration and freezing systems of any complexity.

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